Guy Kowalski    Manorville, New York
License Class: Amateur Extra
My name is Guy and I want to thank you for visiting my little slice of cyberspace. I am a middle aged, married electrical engineer who lives at the gateway to Long Island's East End with his wife of 36 years and five hounds from hell. I also have a confession to make.... I am hopelessly addicted to Amateur Radio. Some may call me a geek and some may call me a nerd but what I call it is the best damn hobby I have ever had.

I really enjoy chewing the rag, an occasional contest and building stuff for my station. I am active on 20 and 40 meters SSB and PKS31 on HF and 2 meters FM and SSB on VHF. I am planing on puting an ARPS rig in the car and I am also a Echolink member. I will attempt to re-learn code again. I must admit that I have not used it since I took my five word a minute technician plus exam over twenty years ago. My only regret with Amateur Radio is that I didn't get started at a younger age.

I wrote this site to share a little about what I have been doing lately in Amateur Radio. If you happen apon anything useful, please drop me a line to let me know. I hope you enjoy the site. Stay well, God bless and 73 for now.

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